Amanda Grace Photography

May 12, 2013 This particular wedding was special to me. It was held at the Harwelden Mansion which is where my own wedding took place! We arrived to the venue around noon and everyone was moving in. Once we got the beautiful bride Jordan downstairs into the bridal suite, hair and makeup began. This is always one of my favorite parts of the day to shoot and Jordan had the perfect eyes for a closeup! They didn't want to do a first look and I love that! These days it's usually half and half. And both are special! It's always lovely to get the first look with just the couple alone with me behind my lens. But theres also nothing like seeing the groom with tears in his eyes watching his bride walk down the aisle toward him with her father. Beautiful.

The reception space was decorated in classic black and white linens and decor. There were photos of Jordan and Daniel as the centerpiece of each table. Their engagement session was also one of my favorites. We went to woodward park for the first phase, but then headed to her parent's house for more photos of them baking cupcakes!! It was absolutely precious and I may need to blog those photos separately...

For the record, their cakes were something they were both VERY passionate about haha the bridal cake was orange with pineapple filling and the grooms cake was lemon with raspberry filling. Definitely yummy!

They left their reception (in beautiful weather I might add) to bubbles with family and friends and drove off to their beautiful life together! They are now expecting a beautiful baby and their one year anniversary is coming up in May. Congratulations you two and many blessings!

Photographer: Amanda Grace Photography Venue: Harwelden Mansion Dress: Alfred Angelo Cake: Ann's Bakery Flowers: Flowergirls Hair & mu: Kassy Williams Videographer: Harrison Shockley

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