Amanda Grace Photography

May 25, 2013

This wedding is memorable for a few reasons but the most prominent is the Mother of the Bride. I met Molly and her mother at a wedding show and the thing I remember most was Lydia being very clear with me. She wanted to make sure I was a strong enough personality to get the job done. She told me that she wanted me to do whatever I needed to do and go wherever I needed to go to get the best possible photos. I loved how feisty they both were!
The wedding was absolutely beautiful. We started off in a hotel room where the bride and bridesmaids were wearing men's button down shirts engraved with their names on them. Adorable! The girls were obviously relaxed and excited for the day. After a champagne toast, it was downstairs into the limo, and on to the reception.
Molly wanted a first look not only with her soon-to-be husband...but with her father as well. This is something that's gaining popularity and I LOVE IT!!! Nothing is more precious than a daddy seeing his precious daughter all in white, about to leave her family and cleave to her husband until death do they part. They always try to hide it but I see the small tears in their eyes! After her first look with her father, we headed to the chapel where Dean was waiting. They were adorable. He was smiling ear to ear looking her up and down and just as happy as could be.
The ceremony went off without a hitch and was beautiful with the sun streaming in as it began to set. After family formals, we headed into the reception area to start the party! There was plenty of dancing, eating, singing and partying. Their cakes were both beautiful. Dean works in the oil industry so his fit his career and Molly's cake was just stunning and classy. They left their reception to tons of friends and family holding sparklers and into the limo off to their first night as husband and wife! I wish you both many blessings and many more years of happiness.
Photographer: Amanda Grace Photography Venue: Walnut Creek Chapel Bridal Gown and Veil- Impression Bridal
Catering: A Spot for Tea Cake: Sweete Connection Limo: Integrity Sound and Musician: David Briscoe Bar Service: Susie Lopez Table Linens: Conventions and More Ice Sculpture: Ideas in Ice Mid-America String Quartet - Michael Reaves Bridesmaid Dresses: David's Bridal Tuxes: Al's Formal Wear
Hair & Make-up: Sharon Tabb Videographer- Randy Poff
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