Amanda Grace Photography

May 11, 2013 Eric and Amanda were married on a gorgeous day in May. I walked into the Farmer's Market and man was I surprised! It looks very classic and vintage on the outside and when you walk in, it's an absolutely monstrous room with beautiful wood flooring and lights and lanterns all over the ceiling. It really takes your breath away! I was shown to the bride's room and it was just as beautiful. Amanda was just finishing the final touches on her hair and makeup and she was glowing! After everything was done and she was ready to become a Mrs, we brought Eric in the room for their first look. I can't even tell you how much I loved this one. He was just in awe of her. He kept staring with wide eyes and lets face it, he cried happy, adoring tears. I love when grooms aren't afraid to show true emotion!

After giving them their moment to spend alone before walking down the aisle into their new life together, everyone began arriving and the show was on! There was a unique arrangement for the ceremony which I loved and thought worked really well. When the ceremony was over, we stole the bride and groom to go take photos outside and found a fun former gas station across the street. We came back in and went straight into the party! They danced the night away and at one point even stole away to the balcony to look on to their friends and family celebrating. They made their exit to bubbles and a limo. They were definitely on cloud 9 and I wish them all the best in their beautiful life together!

Photographer: Amanda Grace Photography Second Shooter: Lauren Ryan Venue: Farmer's Market Dress: David's bridal Cake: Flying Cupcakes Hair and mu: by the bride Flowers, and Centerpieces: done by the bride Bouquet wraps: Meredith Baysinger Limo: Paris Limousine

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