Amanda Grace Photography

March 6, 2012 Matthew and Veronica's wedding was definitely one of the most unique I've done. It was traditional in the style and location, but key facts were different. They decided to get married on a Tuesday. At first glance this would seem just plain strange. But just wait, it makes perfect sense! Veronica is a very politically minded person. She is a huge advocate of making your voice heard and keeping up with what's going on. What is Tuesday? You guessed it. Voting day!!! The beautiful bride had a dream. To go vote on her wedding day, IN HER WEDDING DRESS. Some brides incorporate their loves for certain desserts or flowers into their wedding, so why not a love of voting?

After she had her hair and makeup done, dress on and laced up, we headed out to the polls. She made a splash and knocked something off her bucket list. Voting on wedding day in her dress? Check!

Back at the church we got ready for their first look. And boy was it precious. I saw some tears even if Matthew would deny it haha they absolutely adore each other and after the initial shock of the moment wore off and we had our photos, I backed out of the room for a few moments to give them time to just BE together.

The wedding went off without a hitch and Veronica looked stunning. The grooms cake was an audio board of course, as the groom works at the church doing just that. They enjoyed their beautiful reception, ate cake, toasted to their new lives and headed out in the midst of glow sticks!

I wish you all nothing but the best and many more happy years to come!

Photographer: Amanda Grace Photography Venue: Crossings Community Church Dress: Pomp and Pageantry in OKC Catering: Cloyse Alexander Cake: Daphne McDermott (405)205-9852 Hair and makeup: Britney Hubble at Hair Saloon in Bethany

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The couple has now almost been married for 2 full years and have a bouncy baby girl! Miss Reagan was born on October 3rd, the day before her daddy's birthday! She was 7lbs 3oz and 20.5 inches long.