Amanda Grace Photography

May 18, 2013 This was a most memorable wedding. THAT is for sure! Not only was it gorgeous, but it was the day all of the crazy tornado-ridden storms rolled into OKC. We'll get to that later!

I met my lovely second shooter (Ang of Angelica Jaeger Photography-check her out!) and we headed to the private residence where the wedding was taking place. This was the kind of property that every bride hopes to have at her disposal. There was a big guesthouse which was attached to a paved barn area. There was a bar with pool table in between. They had a big property with oak trees that Kaci and Michael got married beneath. Dreamy right??

Their first look was precious. I'm a sucker for that moment that the couple has anticipated the entire day (and really since they got engaged). There is tension in the air and that second right before she tapped him on the shoulder was killer! Okay honestly the second she walked out the door onto the patio was close to my favorite. She was in tears the second she saw his BACK y'all. Kaci also had a journal in her hand that was extremely special. She had written letters to Michael for years in that journal. Her thoughts, expectations for her future husband, bible verses etc. She may have even started it before they met, alas I can't remember...this is why I need to keep up with my blogging so I'm not so behind! Anyway, it was wonderful. Ang and I were just in bliss watching this beautiful couple turn and see each other for the first time on the day they would become man and wife under God and in front of all their friends and family. Both bride and groom shed tears and prayed together before their ceremony.

The group photos, as you will see below, were insane. Haha trying to get the guys to behave was like working with toddlers! We ended up with some really fun pictures and had a great time getting them. The bride arrived to the ceremony in a horse drawn carriage like a scene from a movie. Towards the end of the ceremony there were a few light sprinkles but the rain held off and we got through it all perfectly dry!

The reception was a blast with adorable details galore! Kaci's mom had done a lot of crafting for her and with her in preparation for the wedding. It paid off! Let's just say pinterest exploded in her reception area. <3 About an hour before they were scheduled to leave it started raining. Not just raining, it was pouring!!! We're talking a DELUGE of water dropping out of the sky. Sideways. Loudly. All of a sudden, LIGHTS OUT! Yes the power went completely out during their reception haha. Luckily, a big component of Kaci's decorations was candles. So the rest of the evening was very romantic and dimly lit lol. For their exit, Michael went to get their car and pull it in to the reception space so that Kaci could leave completely dry (awww so sweet!) so everyone lit their sparklers and wished the couple blessings as they got into the getaway car and left for their new life together.

Michael and Kaci have been married almost 10 months now and have 2 adorable dogs! Love you both and adored shooting your beautiful wedding. I pray only the best for your future together!

Photography: Amanda Grace Photography Second Shooter: Angelica Jaeger Venue: Private Property in Edmond, OK Flowers: Abundance Flowers Bride's cake: The Cupcake Lounge Grooms cake: The Cake Stand Hair and MU: Artistic Glam Videographer: Thomas Turman Bride's Shoes: TOMs Bridal jewelry: Etsy Bridal Gown and veil: Pomp and Pageantry Horse Drawn Carriage: Cameo Carriage Company

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