Amanda Grace Photography

This couple is particularly special to me. I met Chrissy in the Christian sorority Sigma Phi Lambda. The years I spent at school in Phi Lamb were some of the best of my life. Chrissy and Travis have been engaged for 3 years now and are still so madly in love. It's more of an undercover affection but you can tell by the way that they smile and look at each other. It's absolutely beautiful. There is a bridge in Pryor that is no longer in use. It's the epitome of what I love to photograph. I adore things that are antique, rustic, and just plain old! Travis chose to propose at this spot on September 19, 2008. On the way to the bridge he would joke about hearing they were tearing it down next week. She would playfully slap him on the arm and tell him that it's not true. You can tell how much it means to both of them by the way the speak of it. It is a place that will always hold a reminder of their love and the day they chose to make the plunge into a lifetime of commitment to their other half.

Some of these images were  taken at this bridge, and the rest were taken all around Travis' property. There is one image where you can see his dog Chigger. She was such a joy to have around! She followed us everywhere and ended up in the background of most of the pictures!

I hope you enjoy looking at these engagement pictures as much as I enjoyed photographing them!