Amanda Grace Photography

  May 31, 2013


When I pulled up to this wedding I was really excited. It was out in Coweta, Oklahoma on the bride's parents' property. It sat up on a hill and there was a beautiful white tent set up. Both of their families were incredibly sweet and welcoming. I felt like I was a part of the family! There was a lot of yellow, white and burlap around and I have to tell you...I loved it! It was more of an intimate wedding with only 2 people in the bridal party and that fit these two. You can tell they're all about quality of friends over quantity and everyone there was a dear dear friend.


Lizzie is one beautiful gal. I'm sure you can tell from the photos but really, she is just beautiful! She was glowing, the farthest thing from stressed and ready to marry RJ. Throughout the entire day, you could just tell that they're both easy-going people who make you want to sit down and chill with them.


After the ceremony and first dances, RJ had Lizzie sit down next to him and he played his guitar and sang a song to her. <3 So incredibly sweet! The love between the two of them was tangible and it just makes you happy! They danced the night away with friends and family and had a beautiful sparkler exit among the flashes of lightning in the distance.


They've been married almost 10 months now and I wish them all the best in the world!


Photographer: Amanda Grace Photography Flowers: Robyn's Flower Garden Wedding Cake: Ludger's Bavarian Cakery DJ: Banks Entertainment Invitations: Party Girl Catering: Oklahoma Joe's Barbecue Hair: Barb Lynch New Directions Wedding Dress: David's Bridal Bridesmaid Dress: David's Bridal Bride's Pearl Necklace: Moody's jewelry (won at the Tulsa Wedding Show) Centerpieces and Decor: Mother of the Bride Tents, Tables, Chairs, Dance Floor and Linens: Party Pro

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