Amanda Grace Photography

[gallery columns="1" orderby="title"] This couple decided to get married at Dresser Mansion. This was the first wedding I've shot at this location but I've heard GREAT things about it so I was very excited. Upon arriving I felt like I was stepping into a fairytale! With the twinkling lights, string quartet and beautiful architecture from the oil boom era, this bride's special day was absolutely magical.

Her dress was extremely traditional. She told me during our consultation how far from her personality that was. She knew it would shock Steven and boy was she right! They are that couple that you watch and just smile because they can't stop making silly faces at each other. Never serious, always having a great time together. Honestly, a match made in Heaven!

The look on Steven's face when he saw Sherrie walking down the aisle to become his bride? Well that said it all. Pure elation. Congratulations to the two of you and I hope you're enjoying the beautiful beach!