Amanda Grace Photography

March 16, 2013 Tim and Beth are adorable. Really, they are. Don't believe me? Look at the photos of both of them teary eyed when they see each other down the aisle. The way they look at each other just makes you want to love!!!

The wedding took place on 3/16 at 3:16pm. Fun right?? I started the day at the boys' apartment where they were getting ready. Nothing is more fun than seeing a groom on the morning of his wedding. The anticipation in his you can tell he's a little nervous but trying to hide it. After snapping a few photos I headed over to the girls' house. There was the normal rush of bridesmaids getting ready so that they could help Beth put her gown on. She looked absolutely beautiful in her lace gown.

Once everyone got to the venue, the wedding went off without a hitch! Even though it was mid-march, the weather was perfect. The bride's father officiated during the exchanging of the rings and they danced back down the aisle as Mr. and Mrs.!!! I adored being around these two and wish them many blessings in the future!! (Also take a look at the bridal at the end of the's Beth and Tim's favorite and was requested to be posted!)

Photographer: Amanda Grace Photography Venue: Battle Creek Golf Club Gown: David's Bridal Catering and Cake: Ludgers Bakery Awesome Flags at the reception: Mother of the Bride Flowers & Hair and MU: MOB, SOB, and friend Amanda

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