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David + Lindsey {engagement}

I've known Lindsey for awhile now. We competed together in pageants and the first time I talked to her, I knew she was something else! She's sweet, spunky and says exactly what she thinks. I met David for the first time when I showed up to shoot their engagement photos. I am so glad they found each other because they are a match made in Heaven. The way they interact and laugh together is adorable...take a look at their photos and you'll see exactly what I mean. They had us come to their private property where David was building their first home together. They had a great rustic barn and a pond and pretty much everything a natural light photographer could wish for. Look out on the Facebook page for sneak peeks of their wedding this coming weekend!

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Jeremy + Kate { Oklahoma Wedding Photographer }

June 14, 2013 This bride sticks out in my mind. She was very organized and particular about exactly what she wanted. She was specific and picky. Honestly, I am the most honored when picky brides book me because they are the hardest to please and it means that my work spoke to them. The best compliment ever!

I arrived to the chapel and Kate was getting ready with her maids. They were all in adorable silk robes and as calm as could be! When she put her dress on it was just her and her mother. She had a "first look" not only with her husband to be but with her bridesmaids. It was amazing!!!

These are two of the most photogenic people. Maybe it's just that they love each other so much it made them beautiful! They said their vows in a beautiful little chapel and went right into their reception. Speeches were made, drinks were drunk and a great time was had by all! It was a classy reception with lots of black, white and red accents. They exited to their family and friends blowing bubbles! I love these two and wish them the best of blessings! ( Even though they left for Texas haha)

Photographer: Amanda Grace Photography Venue: Boulevard Chapel Hair and Makeup: Cosmetique Airbrush Flowers: All About Flower Power Videography: Unforgettable Video Catering: Johnny Carinos2014-05-29_0001 2014-05-29_0002 2014-05-29_0003 2014-05-29_0004 2014-05-29_0005 2014-05-29_0006 2014-05-29_0007 2014-05-29_0008 2014-05-29_0009 2014-05-29_0010 2014-05-29_0011 2014-05-29_0012 2014-05-29_0013 2014-05-29_0014 2014-05-29_0015 2014-05-29_0016 2014-05-29_0017 2014-05-29_0018 2014-05-29_0019 2014-05-29_0020 2014-05-29_0021 2014-05-29_0022 2014-05-29_0023 2014-05-29_0024 2014-05-29_0025 2014-05-29_0026 2014-05-29_0027 2014-05-29_0028 2014-05-29_0029 2014-05-29_0030 2014-05-29_0031 2014-05-29_0032 2014-05-29_0033 2014-05-29_0034 2014-05-29_0035 2014-05-29_0036 2014-05-29_0037 2014-05-29_0038 2014-05-29_0039 2014-05-29_0040 2014-05-29_0041 2014-05-29_0042 2014-05-29_0043 2014-05-29_0044 2014-05-29_0045 2014-05-29_0046 2014-05-29_0047 2014-05-29_0048 2014-05-29_0049 2014-05-29_0050 2014-05-29_0051 2014-05-29_0052 2014-05-29_0053



Zachary + Katie {Edmond Oklahoma Wedding Photographer}

June 1, 2013 Katie was a friend of mine from college. She is the most bubbly, fun loving girl you will ever meet!!! She pretty much always has a smile on her face and makes you want to do the same. I was so thrilled when she asked me to photograph her wedding.

Zach and Katie were married at First Baptist Church in Edmond. They chose not to see each other before the ceremony so when he finally saw his bride walking down the aisle it was priceless!!! The love these two have together is absolutely precious. The only word to describe it is pure. They have such an innocent love that is beautiful to see.

At their reception the couple made their way around to all of their friends and family and let loose on the dance floor! I have to say, their cake was probably the best I've had to date. Go see Heavenly Cakes in Guthrie!! <3

Zachary and Katie exited to bubbles and a car full of post it notes! I love this couple and wish them so many blessings in the years to come.

Photographer: Amanda Grace Photography Venue: FBC Edmond and Edmond Community Center Wedding cakes: Heavenly Cakes Wedding dress: Davis's Bridal Tuxes: Men's Warehouse Bridal Accessories and Shoes: Davis's Bridal DJ: Logan Pennington Hair: Pam Henry Flowers: Hobby Lobby

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RJ + Lizzie {Tulsa Wedding Photographer}

  May 31, 2013


When I pulled up to this wedding I was really excited. It was out in Coweta, Oklahoma on the bride's parents' property. It sat up on a hill and there was a beautiful white tent set up. Both of their families were incredibly sweet and welcoming. I felt like I was a part of the family! There was a lot of yellow, white and burlap around and I have to tell you...I loved it! It was more of an intimate wedding with only 2 people in the bridal party and that fit these two. You can tell they're all about quality of friends over quantity and everyone there was a dear dear friend.


Lizzie is one beautiful gal. I'm sure you can tell from the photos but really, she is just beautiful! She was glowing, the farthest thing from stressed and ready to marry RJ. Throughout the entire day, you could just tell that they're both easy-going people who make you want to sit down and chill with them.


After the ceremony and first dances, RJ had Lizzie sit down next to him and he played his guitar and sang a song to her. <3 So incredibly sweet! The love between the two of them was tangible and it just makes you happy! They danced the night away with friends and family and had a beautiful sparkler exit among the flashes of lightning in the distance.


They've been married almost 10 months now and I wish them all the best in the world!


Photographer: Amanda Grace Photography Flowers: Robyn's Flower Garden Wedding Cake: Ludger's Bavarian Cakery DJ: Banks Entertainment Invitations: Party Girl Catering: Oklahoma Joe's Barbecue Hair: Barb Lynch New Directions Wedding Dress: David's Bridal Bridesmaid Dress: David's Bridal Bride's Pearl Necklace: Moody's jewelry (won at the Tulsa Wedding Show) Centerpieces and Decor: Mother of the Bride Tents, Tables, Chairs, Dance Floor and Linens: Party Pro

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Dean + Molly {Oklahoma Wedding Photographer}

May 25, 2013

This wedding is memorable for a few reasons but the most prominent is the Mother of the Bride. I met Molly and her mother at a wedding show and the thing I remember most was Lydia being very clear with me. She wanted to make sure I was a strong enough personality to get the job done. She told me that she wanted me to do whatever I needed to do and go wherever I needed to go to get the best possible photos. I loved how feisty they both were!
The wedding was absolutely beautiful. We started off in a hotel room where the bride and bridesmaids were wearing men's button down shirts engraved with their names on them. Adorable! The girls were obviously relaxed and excited for the day. After a champagne toast, it was downstairs into the limo, and on to the reception.
Molly wanted a first look not only with her soon-to-be husband...but with her father as well. This is something that's gaining popularity and I LOVE IT!!! Nothing is more precious than a daddy seeing his precious daughter all in white, about to leave her family and cleave to her husband until death do they part. They always try to hide it but I see the small tears in their eyes! After her first look with her father, we headed to the chapel where Dean was waiting. They were adorable. He was smiling ear to ear looking her up and down and just as happy as could be.
The ceremony went off without a hitch and was beautiful with the sun streaming in as it began to set. After family formals, we headed into the reception area to start the party! There was plenty of dancing, eating, singing and partying. Their cakes were both beautiful. Dean works in the oil industry so his fit his career and Molly's cake was just stunning and classy. They left their reception to tons of friends and family holding sparklers and into the limo off to their first night as husband and wife! I wish you both many blessings and many more years of happiness.
Photographer: Amanda Grace Photography Venue: Walnut Creek Chapel Bridal Gown and Veil- Impression Bridal
Catering: A Spot for Tea Cake: Sweete Connection Limo: Integrity Sound and Musician: David Briscoe Bar Service: Susie Lopez Table Linens: Conventions and More Ice Sculpture: Ideas in Ice Mid-America String Quartet - Michael Reaves Bridesmaid Dresses: David's Bridal Tuxes: Al's Formal Wear
Hair & Make-up: Sharon Tabb Videographer- Randy Poff
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Michael + Kaci {Oklahoma Wedding Photographer}

May 18, 2013 This was a most memorable wedding. THAT is for sure! Not only was it gorgeous, but it was the day all of the crazy tornado-ridden storms rolled into OKC. We'll get to that later!

I met my lovely second shooter (Ang of Angelica Jaeger Photography-check her out!) and we headed to the private residence where the wedding was taking place. This was the kind of property that every bride hopes to have at her disposal. There was a big guesthouse which was attached to a paved barn area. There was a bar with pool table in between. They had a big property with oak trees that Kaci and Michael got married beneath. Dreamy right??

Their first look was precious. I'm a sucker for that moment that the couple has anticipated the entire day (and really since they got engaged). There is tension in the air and that second right before she tapped him on the shoulder was killer! Okay honestly the second she walked out the door onto the patio was close to my favorite. She was in tears the second she saw his BACK y'all. Kaci also had a journal in her hand that was extremely special. She had written letters to Michael for years in that journal. Her thoughts, expectations for her future husband, bible verses etc. She may have even started it before they met, alas I can't remember...this is why I need to keep up with my blogging so I'm not so behind! Anyway, it was wonderful. Ang and I were just in bliss watching this beautiful couple turn and see each other for the first time on the day they would become man and wife under God and in front of all their friends and family. Both bride and groom shed tears and prayed together before their ceremony.

The group photos, as you will see below, were insane. Haha trying to get the guys to behave was like working with toddlers! We ended up with some really fun pictures and had a great time getting them. The bride arrived to the ceremony in a horse drawn carriage like a scene from a movie. Towards the end of the ceremony there were a few light sprinkles but the rain held off and we got through it all perfectly dry!

The reception was a blast with adorable details galore! Kaci's mom had done a lot of crafting for her and with her in preparation for the wedding. It paid off! Let's just say pinterest exploded in her reception area. <3 About an hour before they were scheduled to leave it started raining. Not just raining, it was pouring!!! We're talking a DELUGE of water dropping out of the sky. Sideways. Loudly. All of a sudden, LIGHTS OUT! Yes the power went completely out during their reception haha. Luckily, a big component of Kaci's decorations was candles. So the rest of the evening was very romantic and dimly lit lol. For their exit, Michael went to get their car and pull it in to the reception space so that Kaci could leave completely dry (awww so sweet!) so everyone lit their sparklers and wished the couple blessings as they got into the getaway car and left for their new life together.

Michael and Kaci have been married almost 10 months now and have 2 adorable dogs! Love you both and adored shooting your beautiful wedding. I pray only the best for your future together!

Photography: Amanda Grace Photography Second Shooter: Angelica Jaeger Venue: Private Property in Edmond, OK Flowers: Abundance Flowers Bride's cake: The Cupcake Lounge Grooms cake: The Cake Stand Hair and MU: Artistic Glam Videographer: Thomas Turman Bride's Shoes: TOMs Bridal jewelry: Etsy Bridal Gown and veil: Pomp and Pageantry Horse Drawn Carriage: Cameo Carriage Company

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Daniel + Jordan {Tulsa Wedding Photographer}

May 12, 2013 This particular wedding was special to me. It was held at the Harwelden Mansion which is where my own wedding took place! We arrived to the venue around noon and everyone was moving in. Once we got the beautiful bride Jordan downstairs into the bridal suite, hair and makeup began. This is always one of my favorite parts of the day to shoot and Jordan had the perfect eyes for a closeup! They didn't want to do a first look and I love that! These days it's usually half and half. And both are special! It's always lovely to get the first look with just the couple alone with me behind my lens. But theres also nothing like seeing the groom with tears in his eyes watching his bride walk down the aisle toward him with her father. Beautiful.

The reception space was decorated in classic black and white linens and decor. There were photos of Jordan and Daniel as the centerpiece of each table. Their engagement session was also one of my favorites. We went to woodward park for the first phase, but then headed to her parent's house for more photos of them baking cupcakes!! It was absolutely precious and I may need to blog those photos separately...

For the record, their cakes were something they were both VERY passionate about haha the bridal cake was orange with pineapple filling and the grooms cake was lemon with raspberry filling. Definitely yummy!

They left their reception (in beautiful weather I might add) to bubbles with family and friends and drove off to their beautiful life together! They are now expecting a beautiful baby and their one year anniversary is coming up in May. Congratulations you two and many blessings!

Photographer: Amanda Grace Photography Venue: Harwelden Mansion Dress: Alfred Angelo Cake: Ann's Bakery Flowers: Flowergirls Hair & mu: Kassy Williams Videographer: Harrison Shockley

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Eric + Amanda {Oklahoma Wedding Photographer}

May 11, 2013 Eric and Amanda were married on a gorgeous day in May. I walked into the Farmer's Market and man was I surprised! It looks very classic and vintage on the outside and when you walk in, it's an absolutely monstrous room with beautiful wood flooring and lights and lanterns all over the ceiling. It really takes your breath away! I was shown to the bride's room and it was just as beautiful. Amanda was just finishing the final touches on her hair and makeup and she was glowing! After everything was done and she was ready to become a Mrs, we brought Eric in the room for their first look. I can't even tell you how much I loved this one. He was just in awe of her. He kept staring with wide eyes and lets face it, he cried happy, adoring tears. I love when grooms aren't afraid to show true emotion!

After giving them their moment to spend alone before walking down the aisle into their new life together, everyone began arriving and the show was on! There was a unique arrangement for the ceremony which I loved and thought worked really well. When the ceremony was over, we stole the bride and groom to go take photos outside and found a fun former gas station across the street. We came back in and went straight into the party! They danced the night away and at one point even stole away to the balcony to look on to their friends and family celebrating. They made their exit to bubbles and a limo. They were definitely on cloud 9 and I wish them all the best in their beautiful life together!

Photographer: Amanda Grace Photography Second Shooter: Lauren Ryan Venue: Farmer's Market Dress: David's bridal Cake: Flying Cupcakes Hair and mu: by the bride Flowers, and Centerpieces: done by the bride Bouquet wraps: Meredith Baysinger Limo: Paris Limousine

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Kyle + Lisa {Oklahoma Wedding Photographer}

March 23, 2013 Kyle and Lisa had their wedding at Henderson Hills Baptist Church in Edmond. Now if you've never been inside the church, it is absolutely HUGE! Haha once I arrived it was clear that Lisa is the queen of crafting. All the details she put into her decor was jaw-dropping. I've always wanted to be one of those people, but for now I'll just live vicariously through brides like her! It was a very laid back morning and they decided to do a first look with each other. Theirs was so adorable. At the end of it, Kyle was wiping away tears from seeing his beautiful bride! You really can't ask for much better of a reaction than that. Their ceremony was short and sweet and the officiant great at making everyone laugh. They danced into their reception where tons of loved ones were there to celebrate! I loved the cakes and especially the fact that the mother of the bride made them...definitely take a look farther down the page! It was a bit misty outside but they had a great time exiting to bubbles blown by friends and family. They left in early afternoon to go on a beautiful honeymoon to Hawaii! They'll have  been married a year next month and I wish them nothing but God's blessings and happiness for years to come. PS. Everyone PLEASE check out the adorable flash of pink in the tulle under her dress!

Photography:Amanda Grace Photography
Videography: Scott Girardin of Alumni Productions
Florist: Bridget McKay of Sweet B. Revival
Invitations: Invitations by Marianne
Custom Jewelry Design: Kelly Kinser of
Makeup: Tyler Davis of Lancôme
Hair: Jaynie Pekrul of Shear Bliss Salon
Venue: Henderson Hills Baptist Church
Cake: Norma Newman, Mother of the Bride
Officiant: Chris Richardson of Refuge Community Church
Wedding Gown: Sottero & Midgley
Bridesmaid Gowns: Bill Levkoff
Tuxedos: Tom's Formalwear
2014-02-07_0001 2014-02-07_0002 2014-02-07_0003 2014-02-07_0004 2014-02-07_0005 2014-02-07_0006 2014-02-07_0007 2014-02-07_0008 2014-02-07_0009 2014-02-07_0010 2014-02-07_0011 2014-02-07_0012 2014-02-07_0013 2014-02-07_0014 2014-02-07_0015 2014-02-07_0016 2014-02-07_0017 2014-02-07_0018 2014-02-07_0019 2014-02-07_0020 2014-02-07_0021 2014-02-07_0022 2014-02-07_0023 2014-02-07_0024 2014-02-07_0025 2014-02-07_0026 2014-02-07_0027 2014-02-07_0028 2014-02-07_0029 2014-02-07_0030 2014-02-07_0031 2014-02-07_0032 2014-02-07_0033 2014-02-07_0034 2014-02-07_0036 2014-02-07_0037 2014-02-07_0038 2014-02-07_0039 2014-02-07_0040 2014-02-07_0041



Timothy + Beth {Tulsa Wedding Photographer}

March 16, 2013 Tim and Beth are adorable. Really, they are. Don't believe me? Look at the photos of both of them teary eyed when they see each other down the aisle. The way they look at each other just makes you want to love!!!

The wedding took place on 3/16 at 3:16pm. Fun right?? I started the day at the boys' apartment where they were getting ready. Nothing is more fun than seeing a groom on the morning of his wedding. The anticipation in his you can tell he's a little nervous but trying to hide it. After snapping a few photos I headed over to the girls' house. There was the normal rush of bridesmaids getting ready so that they could help Beth put her gown on. She looked absolutely beautiful in her lace gown.

Once everyone got to the venue, the wedding went off without a hitch! Even though it was mid-march, the weather was perfect. The bride's father officiated during the exchanging of the rings and they danced back down the aisle as Mr. and Mrs.!!! I adored being around these two and wish them many blessings in the future!! (Also take a look at the bridal at the end of the's Beth and Tim's favorite and was requested to be posted!)

Photographer: Amanda Grace Photography Venue: Battle Creek Golf Club Gown: David's Bridal Catering and Cake: Ludgers Bakery Awesome Flags at the reception: Mother of the Bride Flowers & Hair and MU: MOB, SOB, and friend Amanda

2014-01-31_0001 2014-01-31_0002 2014-01-31_0003 2014-01-31_0004 2014-01-31_0005 2014-01-31_0006 2014-01-31_0007 2014-01-31_0008 2014-01-31_0009 2014-01-31_0010 2014-01-31_0011 2014-01-31_0012 2014-01-31_0013 2014-01-31_0014 2014-01-31_0015 2014-01-31_0016 2014-01-31_0017 2014-01-31_0018 2014-01-31_0019 2014-01-31_0020 2014-01-31_0021 2014-01-31_0022 2014-01-31_0023 2014-01-31_0024 2014-01-31_0025 2014-01-31_0026 2014-01-31_0027 2014-01-31_0028 2014-01-31_0029 2014-01-31_0030 2014-01-31_0031 2014-01-31_0033 2014-01-31_0034 2014-01-31_0035 2014-01-31_0036 2014-01-31_0037 2014-01-31_0038 2014-01-31_0039Here's her favorite bridal!





Matthew + Veronica {Oklahoma Wedding Photographer}

March 6, 2012 Matthew and Veronica's wedding was definitely one of the most unique I've done. It was traditional in the style and location, but key facts were different. They decided to get married on a Tuesday. At first glance this would seem just plain strange. But just wait, it makes perfect sense! Veronica is a very politically minded person. She is a huge advocate of making your voice heard and keeping up with what's going on. What is Tuesday? You guessed it. Voting day!!! The beautiful bride had a dream. To go vote on her wedding day, IN HER WEDDING DRESS. Some brides incorporate their loves for certain desserts or flowers into their wedding, so why not a love of voting?

After she had her hair and makeup done, dress on and laced up, we headed out to the polls. She made a splash and knocked something off her bucket list. Voting on wedding day in her dress? Check!

Back at the church we got ready for their first look. And boy was it precious. I saw some tears even if Matthew would deny it haha they absolutely adore each other and after the initial shock of the moment wore off and we had our photos, I backed out of the room for a few moments to give them time to just BE together.

The wedding went off without a hitch and Veronica looked stunning. The grooms cake was an audio board of course, as the groom works at the church doing just that. They enjoyed their beautiful reception, ate cake, toasted to their new lives and headed out in the midst of glow sticks!

I wish you all nothing but the best and many more happy years to come!

Photographer: Amanda Grace Photography Venue: Crossings Community Church Dress: Pomp and Pageantry in OKC Catering: Cloyse Alexander Cake: Daphne McDermott (405)205-9852 Hair and makeup: Britney Hubble at Hair Saloon in Bethany

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The couple has now almost been married for 2 full years and have a bouncy baby girl! Miss Reagan was born on October 3rd, the day before her daddy's birthday! She was 7lbs 3oz and 20.5 inches long.




Jacob + Aubrey {Tulsa Wedding Photographer}

February 22, 2013 I had the pleasure of meeting Jacob and Aubrey together for their engagement session. We took their photos at their wedding venue so it was great to be able to check it out before the wedding day! They are simply the cutest couple. They brought their dog Ace so he could partake in the photos as well! How much does Jacob love Aubrey? He endured an hour and a half of taking photos. He was such a good sport but by the end I could tell he was ready to be DONE! Haha on wedding day he was much more prepared. I also think just the excitement of finally having his bride made it easier to deal with. Their first look in the ceremony/reception space of the Silo Event Center. It was absolutely precious! The huge smiles on their faces brought tears to my eyes (I'm a huge softy) and I was glad I was behind the lens. Her bouquet was near the top of my favorite wedding bouquet list. As you'll see below, it had burlap in it! Catoosa Flowers did a wonderful job! Jacob and Aubrey spent the night enjoying each other's company and just having a good time like every bride and groom should at their wedding. The one thing I remember most from this wedding though were her bridesmaids. What a bunch of crazy girls! Haha every bride needs a group of women like that around to ease the stress and make her laugh on the big day.

Jacob and Aubrey are coming up on their one year anniversary and to them I say congratulations, and many blessings in the future!!

Photographer: Amanda Grace Photography Venue: The Silo Event Center Catering: The Silo Event Center Cake: All Things Cake Live Music: Dale Armstrong Wedding Gown: Alfred Angelo Hair: Enrique's Salon Makeup: Bonnie Montgomery at The Skin Boutique Flowers: Catoosa Flowers Linens: Party Perfect Linens

2014-01-23_0001 2014-01-23_0002 2014-01-23_0003 2014-01-23_0004 2014-01-23_0005 2014-01-23_0006 2014-01-23_0007 2014-01-23_0008 2014-01-23_0009 2014-01-23_0010 2014-01-23_0011 2014-01-23_0012 2014-01-23_0013 2014-01-23_0014 2014-01-23_0015 2014-01-23_0016 2014-01-23_0017 2014-01-23_0018 2014-01-23_0019 2014-01-23_0020 2014-01-23_0021 2014-01-23_0022 2014-01-23_0023 2014-01-23_0024 2014-01-23_0025 2014-01-23_0026 2014-01-23_0027 2014-01-23_0028 2014-01-23_0029 2014-01-23_0030 2014-01-23_0031 2014-01-23_0032 2014-01-23_0033 2014-01-23_0034 2014-01-23_0035 2014-01-23_0036 2014-01-23_0037 2014-01-23_0038 2014-01-23_0039 2014-01-23_0040 2014-01-23_0041



Michael + Katy {Tulsa Wedding Photographer}

February 9, 2013 started out with a slow drizzling rain. Which, by the way is good luck on your wedding day! I have no doubt Katy and Michael's marriage will be a blessed one. The moment I met them I knew they had a special God-given love. They had such a mutual respect for each other while being madly in love at the same time. Their afternoon wedding was at Rhema Bible Church and the reception was at the Clarion Hotel. Their wedding color was red...which was only to be expected of a couple who adores the University of Arkansas! You'll find one of my favorite couple photos below of them with their hog noses on!! Haha they were a blast! Michael is now an ordained minister and is the youth pastor at Cedar Point Church in Claremore where he and Katy are very active. Congratulations to almost a year of marriage and many more!

Photographer: Amanda Grace Photography Catering: Silver Dollar Catering DJ: Karl Werner Cupcakes: SAMs Bakery Wedding gown: David's Bridal Venue: Rhema Bible Church & Clarion Hotel




One day on a bridge in Pryor, Oklahoma

This couple is particularly special to me. I met Chrissy in the Christian sorority Sigma Phi Lambda. The years I spent at school in Phi Lamb were some of the best of my life. Chrissy and Travis have been engaged for 3 years now and are still so madly in love. It's more of an undercover affection but you can tell by the way that they smile and look at each other. It's absolutely beautiful. There is a bridge in Pryor that is no longer in use. It's the epitome of what I love to photograph. I adore things that are antique, rustic, and just plain old! Travis chose to propose at this spot on September 19, 2008. On the way to the bridge he would joke about hearing they were tearing it down next week. She would playfully slap him on the arm and tell him that it's not true. You can tell how much it means to both of them by the way the speak of it. It is a place that will always hold a reminder of their love and the day they chose to make the plunge into a lifetime of commitment to their other half.

Some of these images were  taken at this bridge, and the rest were taken all around Travis' property. There is one image where you can see his dog Chigger. She was such a joy to have around! She followed us everywhere and ended up in the background of most of the pictures!

I hope you enjoy looking at these engagement pictures as much as I enjoyed photographing them!




Giving up a sister to gain a brother

Well, this past weekend my only sister got married. I can't tell you how difficult it is to let go of someone who's been your rock and role model throughout your entire life. I love her with all of my heart. The one thing that's keeping me sane at this moment in time is that she's  marrying an absolutely wonderful man who loves her more than his own life. To see him look at her is to see what love really is. He's the quiet type of guy who you can never quite tell if he's enjoying himself...until she walks in the room. Then he glows. All of this to say...I haven't really lost a sister (aside from the fact that their house is literally 2 miles from mine), but I've gained a brother. A brother who is incredibly kind to my family as well as myself. Who will take care of my sister until the day she dies. That's all I could really ask for :)

I took her engagements as well as her bridals and let me say...this girl is gorgeous. I don't care if you think I'm biased because she's my sister...she's stunning. Would you like to see some of her bridals? Well okay if you insist ;) Enjoy!




Steven and Sherrie tied the knot!

[gallery columns="1" orderby="title"] This couple decided to get married at Dresser Mansion. This was the first wedding I've shot at this location but I've heard GREAT things about it so I was very excited. Upon arriving I felt like I was stepping into a fairytale! With the twinkling lights, string quartet and beautiful architecture from the oil boom era, this bride's special day was absolutely magical.

Her dress was extremely traditional. She told me during our consultation how far from her personality that was. She knew it would shock Steven and boy was she right! They are that couple that you watch and just smile because they can't stop making silly faces at each other. Never serious, always having a great time together. Honestly, a match made in Heaven!

The look on Steven's face when he saw Sherrie walking down the aisle to become his bride? Well that said it all. Pure elation. Congratulations to the two of you and I hope you're enjoying the beautiful beach!